Midweek City Breaks

Perfect combination of convenience and price

Taking a few days off during the week offers a wonderful combination of convenience and price. Midweek city breaks are increasingly popular nowadays due to more flexible working patterns, and travellers will benefit from saving money, thanks to a host of attractive package deals and affordable airfares available. Jetting off in the middle of the week is a fantastic way to escape those hectic weekend crowds, and getting there is easier and quicker, with no need to fret over long queues for airport check- in. And once at your destination, not only is sightseeing a more leisurely and rewarding experience as you’ll escape the weekend masses, you can also enjoy the pick of the best bars and restaurants that would normally be packed on a Saturday or Sunday.

More options available during the week, quieter city streets

There is usually much more choice when looking for a midweek departure, and whether you’re looking to tour art galleries, take in classic architecture or join in a local cooking class, you’ll have much more options available, as the days are obviously quieter, and it’s an excellent way to experience somewhere new. Serious art lovers will escape the huge weekend crowds in the Louvre or Prado art museums in Paris and Madrid respectively, and a family trip to Disneyland Paris will seem much more enjoyable during the slower weekdays. Off-season midweek getaways to Malaga, Malta or Dubrovnik will see quieter beaches, and a far more relaxing experience, whilst Eurostar offers great value midweek fares that will turn weekend travellers green with envy.

Take an extended break, try somewhere new

You can enjoy tours of popular cities such as Venice, Rome and Florence in a much quieter and laid-back atmosphere, and embark on sightseeing in hot humid cities such as Seville and Athens without the long weekend queues. For true relaxation, head to enchanting Bruges, Verona or Budapest, all delightfully low-key during the week, or take things even slower in sleepy Riga, Carcassonne or Bratislava. Midweek city breaks also mean you can be a lot more adventurous and with a few extra days to spare, you can jet off for some serious shopping in ostentatious Dubai, intoxicating Marrakesh or the unforgettable streets of New York.

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