Rome City Breaks

A guide to Rome

Rome features the world’s greatest living museum: a wonderfully atmospheric, fabulously beautiful, evocative city overflowing with idiosyncratic personality, energy and romantic charm. There's such a mix of antiquities, monuments and ancient sites, which combine so deeply within the fabric of a vibrant living city. The day-to-day streets of a great swathe of central Rome are fascinating at every turn and simply beautiful.

Astonishing art and architecture

The joy of the city is the way a casual stroll almost anywhere will combine authentic cafes and bars, beautiful Baroque squares and the sudden unexpected arrival of extraordinary sights, like the Forum or iconic Rome locations like the Trevi Fountain. Of course, all visitors will want to include the Coliseum, the Forum, the Vatican, the Pantheon and the Sistine Chapel. Rome is a veritable paradise for art lovers, with many Renaissance treasures in their original location.

Terrific cafes and restaurants

Rome is full of delightful surprises, where old-fashioned worker’s cafes rub shoulders with tourist restaurants, and fantastic grocery stores exist side by side with designer boutiques. The city features a splendid array of authentic cafes, wine bars and ice-cream parlours, and there is still a surprising amount of economical, unpretentious restaurants, especially in characterful areas like the Jewish neighbourhood and trendy Trastevere. Summers in Rome are imbued with an unforgettably romantic atmosphere, particularly at night, when the entire city is out on pavement cafes and restaurant terraces. Rome in winter, spring and autumn is also highly recommended, avoiding the biggest crowds and the summer heat.

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