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Winter Breaks

Winter Breaks - Making the most of it
There are two different camps that a winter break usually falls into; the first is the winter sun camp, the other the Christmas spirit camp. Depending on which camp you fall into will determine which holiday best suits you and your family on your winter break. There is a great variety when it comes to winter breaks and a city to suit every need. So, whether you prefer the winter sun of a city like Dubai, or, the charming winter atmosphere of somewhere like Moscow, then you should follow the hints and tips on this page. 

Winter Breaks - Getting the best deals
Getting the best city break deals means knowing where you are going. If you want to travel to a popular winter destination like Berlin or Rome, then you will need to book well in advance. Cities such as these, with their popular Christmas markets and wild New Year celebrations, are so popular that prices will become too high the closer you get to travelling. To guarantee a winter break in a destination like Berlin make sure you book early. However, if you are flexible on your destination you need to decide what type of winter break you want. Many cities appeal to those seeking some winter sun. Try Dubai, Rio de Janeiro or even Marrakech to experience a marvellous city with the added benefit of being able to top up your tan. Marrakech is a particularly fun city to visit and is easier to get to than a long haul destination. A visit to Marrakech, where you can walk through the Bazaars, visit the famous market square and enjoy an evening at a souk, is as warm and welcoming as you could imagine. For a fun and unusual winter break try a destination like Stockholm with its fabulous bars, vast array of museums and beautiful hotels.
Winter Breaks - Finding the best deal
A great winter break will be all the better if you can find a great bargain. Try flying last minute if you want to discover a great deal to a destination outside of your usual remit. You might discover a new city and a new way to travel. However, if you want to guarantee yourself the destination of your choice, then booking in advance is the only way. If you can, check out package city break deals with flights and accommodation included to save some extra pennies for that last bit of Christmas shopping.
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