Las Vegas City Breaks

A guide to Las Vegas

Known as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas or 'Sin City' as it is known, is as uncompromising as city as you are ever likely to find. It epitomizes excess, but has a charm all its own, where over-the-top glitz and Hollywood style show business has become almost an art form. Home to the bright neon lights of the famous strip, and the world's most extravagant casino hotels, many of which as self-contained resorts in their own right, this unique city is sure to offer a truly memorable time in the USA.

From glitz and gambling, to family fun

Although known primarily for its grown-up entertainment scene, thanks to the abundance of casinos, clubs, shows and world-class restaurants, Las Vegas can also be a family-friendly destination. Many of the major hotels offer a dizzying array of fun attractions in addition to gambling, and flagship properties such as Bellagio and MGM Grand provide onsite aquariums and mini zoos, art galleries, free nightly circus, magic and acrobatic shows and child-friendly amusements, as well as rollercoaster rides, indoor sky diving and various eccentric ‘art’ installations to view.

Sublime desert scenery, just minutes from the city

If all the glitz and neon dazzle gets a little too much, why not spend a day out of town in the spectacular desert scenery of Nevada getting adventurous. Just west of the city is Red Rock Canyon, an ideal spot for hiking or rock climbing, and less than an hour away, exciting winter sports are available at the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. Perhaps the ultimate experience for many people is a daunting helicopter tour of the monumental Grand Canyon, one of the world’s true natural wonders.

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